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What are Continuous Feedback Solutions & why do you need it?

Your employees expect more than paychecks from their workplace. Research has shown us that a great workplace is one where employees trust the people they work for, take pride in what they do and enjoy the company of the people they work with.

Continuous feedback solutions are not just limited to troubleshooting problems in your organization. They also help in enhancing your existing culture. This platform gives you a chance to display thoughtful leadership by implementing a continuous channel of engagement which builds a High-Trust, High-Performance™️ Culture.

Initiate a Lissening Culture

How Continuous Employee Feedback helps

Get the pulse of your employees

Check in on your organizational culture with real-time surveys. These surveys will help you positively engage with your team and give you quick, relevant and real-time feedback about your organization.

Know feedback for all touchpoints

Continuously engaging your employees through feedback helps to gauge how they rate touchpoints that form their perception of the company.

Identify issues & improve

Feedback can highlight areas that need improvement. We power our feedback solutions with actionable insights that will inspire you to bring about needful changes. This can help you create delightful experiences for your team.

Continuous Feedback Solutions

We Offer Three Distinct Platforms

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Our solutions integrate with the
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LISSEN.IO is SSO compliant with Microsoft, Google Azure, AWS, Workday andother OIDC supported identity providers.

Multiple survey channels catering to employee needs which include WhatsApp Surveys, SMS, emails, and our very own mobile applications for android and iOS.

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