Continuous Feedback Solutions

Track employee engagement continuously to take impactful action

Understand your employees’ sentiments on their health and wellbeing across three critical dimensions – in real-time!


Real-Time Pulse

Pulse-check with just one question per employee per day


Customized Surveys

Design personalized polls for a prompt culture check


Actionable Insights

Rich data to take impactful action

Initiate a Listening Culture

Sentiment Analysis

Discover workplace sentiments across demographics with an AI supported analysis of comments shared by employees

Culture Snapshots

Access real-time executive summaries to monitor your progress across dimensions and identify areas of improvement with one quick glance

Trend Analysis

Breakdown your monthly progress across cultural dimensions for various demographics

Long-Term Impact

Our continuous feedback solutions have been created in association with our strategic partner Great Place to Work® Institute, India. Great Place to Work® is considered the ‘Gold Standard’ in workplace culture assessment and recognition. Our continuous feedback solutions are based on research and frameworks from the Institute. Connect with us to know how this can be leveraged for your organization.

The Impact

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700 k

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