Who We Are

Our Vision

Our vision is to help organizations create a listening culture that encourages employees to move from passive to active engagement.

We hope to do this by creating integrated solutions that enable leaders, managers and employees to seek feedback and manage engagement by leveraging our expert knowledge of best workplaces.

Our Team

Balbir Singh

Balbir leads everything LISSEN.IO. Balbir’s favorite words are ‘you know’ because he wants us to think we know things even though we may not.

Sunil Bablani

Sunil manages all the solutions that we offer at LISSEN.IO. His WhatsApp status says, "Use a hammer if you have nails, screwdriver if you have screws" and yes, he believes in solutioning truly

Ashish Deora

Ashish manages all our technology magic at LISSEN.IO. Just like our solutions, he works 24x7, 365 days a year. And we can’t reveal how he manages to do that because he just might make a meme on us.

Amiya Verma

Amiya partners with our clients to help them use our solutions in ways that are valuable to them. Professor Amiya to those who have been lucky enough to work with her, her passion to make anything happen will make you wish she was your teacher too.

Anupama Aiswar

Anupama is full of answers for our clients, helping them achieve the objectives with which they adopt our solutions. She may think she is cool, but after reading what she wrote for all of us, we strongly think otherwise.

Saloni Jain

Saloni loves to try her hands on new creative stuff. She usually make most of her time meeting new people and making friends. You will find her watching Lucifer or Friends (or reading Simon Sinek books) if she is not busy creating beautiful souvenirs

Hitesh Prasad

Hitesh is a software developer at LISSEN.IO. He loves winning on the sports field as much as he loves winning against system bugs. While he spends his day traveling from one tab to another, he dreams about travelling throughout India at some point.

Shreya Sharma

Shreya is our fun-in-charge. (Fine – officially she is a software developer.) Ensuring our people, and our products, are cool is her thing. She has succeeded with the latter.